Nov 30, 2012

Commonly Accepted Financial Principles I Think Are Stupid

I've shared bits of my fiscal philosophy on past posts.  There's enough meat on this topic to scribble out some more money malarkeyPlus there's a shiny new $ tab up top there to bundle them together nicely.  

Today's episode picks at commonly accepted "conventional wisdom" on saving and spending.  You know the drill, I'm not an investment expert and could be making 84% of this stuff up.  Do what makes sense for your picture.  Let's go... 

"Buy a home, don't rent, otherwise you're flushing bills down the hole." 


Nov 28, 2012

Heli Hair

I'm learning to fly R/C choppers, this:


Starting small and hovered a little too close, I've got a ways to go.


Nov 27, 2012

Current Affairs

If you follow B&P on FB, some of this post will be leftover scraps.  For the rest of you, here's how our week played out.

Girl Balls 
On the way to the grocery store tonight, Pigtails asked:

"Daddy, are girl balls called Virginia?"

I coughed and said, "girls ain't got dem balls," then pointed and told her to "check out those pretty Christmas lights."

Please send help.

Nov 19, 2012

Giving Thanks and a New Pair of Ears

Whilst whittling a post of thankfulness to offset that childish turkey tantrum, my antique flip phone vibrated a text from Quincy's mom. 

"Hi Beard, I'm starting a fundraiser to purchase new cochlear implants for Quincy.  Let me know if you have ideas on how we can reach our goal."  

I asked permission to pen this post, she obliged.

Are you thankful for simple gifts like eyesight and hearing?  I took them for granted until recently.

Pigtails and I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters in July.  We wished to commit to an organization that positively impacts young lives.  BBBS pairs a Big with a Little, we meet for several hours a month for years, offering encouragement as the Little grows up.  

Nov 17, 2012

Birth of a Logo, Natural Style

I started this blog in January of 2011, we're nearly into the terrible twos.   B&P was born for a couple reasons:

     To help and encourage other single parents.
     To help myself get over the dissolution of my marriage.

Divorce of a spouse is more painful than death of spouse in some ways. I had a whole lot of angered hurt bottled up that needed poured out.

Writing is my medicine.

Like alcohol dabbed into a bloody knee, burning as it burrows, you know the antiseptic sting helps as it heals.  Writing forces me to poke at memories and unpleasantries I wanted to ignore, scabbing over the wound with each keyboard click.

Nov 13, 2012

Turkey Tantrum

Probably best to hurry up and unload my list of ungratefulness before Thanksgiving arrives next week.  Whining galore, here we go:

  • Milk cartons and orange juice containers with those annoying foil seals.  You know what I'm talking about, red faced as you apply 120 lbs. per square inch of force between thumb and pointer trying to remove the bloody thing.  Your fingers slip, the silver tab mocks and doesn't budge.  This is usually the moment another person walks into the kitchen and tug again, fart from the effort, the seal suddenly rips free as liquid explodes.  Modern minds can create the iPad, why not E-Z-Peel Juicy Juice seals? 

Nov 9, 2012

Life Lessons from a Shattered iTouch

I often let Pigtails use my iPod Touch for games and flashcards.  She's memorizing the 50 states and capitals and likes playing Stack the States.

My rule to her when carrying it from car to house is this:

"Carry the Touch into the house with nothing else in your hands.  Then return to the car and make a second trip to get the rest of your junk.  Overloaded arms often leads to the drops, I'm trying to minimize whoopsies with a $200 device." 

So the other night after returning from the store, Pigtails is just kind of standing outside the back door by herself.  I open the door and see her shoulders shaking up-and-down, she's crying.

"DADDY, I'M SORRRRRY, IT FELL!!"  With tears, she slowly raises the iTouch up to me.  Sure enough, the screen's toast, white veins of death spiral from the home button.

Nov 3, 2012

India in 2 Minutes

I captured a few seconds of video daily to help bottle the memories.  Here are snippets from each of the 17 days, compressed into two minutes.  I want to take you there with me, hope this does it: