Jan 31, 2013

Got Ads?

B&P's in the terrible twos, we teethed to a readership of three (thanks mom) in '11.  This blog burns a Benjamin per year on domain, hosting and freebies

It's time to recoup some cash. 

Bigger sites sell ad space to cover overhead.  Many of you reading this run your own blog.  Who's tried selling ads, and was it a pass or fail? 

The tricky part will be plugging space until we reach a certain hit count per month.  This month was 23,000 clicks, might need to grow to several hundred thousand or a million every 30 days before gaining advertisement traction.  

Queue the adult diaper ads on B&P in 3...2...



  1. I use Google Adsense... I have maybe two regular readers and spike at around 1,000 (once) and I've made $11 in less than three hundred posts. Might be worth it until you can sell the space. I read it is better to start with ads as quickly as possible so your readers don't feel sold out. So that's why I just went ahead and put them on my blog. Plus I haven't had to think about it since I put them there.

    1. Whoa eleven dollars, things are about to get fancy around here.

    2. You should definitely look into adsense. Even I earned $20 ..haha.. I have one or two hits a month usually.

  2. I don't have ads on my blog because my #'s are low but with 23,000 you are good to go. Another Mommy blogger I read charges $10 an ad and has over 10/month and she only has about 8,000 readers a month. You do need to solicit though, I can send you the email template she passed along to me. Also check out this blog post... http://makingitlovely.com/2013/01/16/how-my-blog-went-from-a-hobby-to-a-job/


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!