Mar 5, 2013

Carb Killer - Peanut Sauce Lettuce Wraps

Curls asked me to start axing carbs when I cook for her.  That's a little difficult, they're everywhere.  Plus I like to refuel with pasta after 700 calorie runs.  Oh well, she wins.  

We do wraps often, I checked the label on a sack of 10" shells and see 200 calories with 12% of daily carbohydrates (sugar).  For one tortilla.  Before ramming it with bacon.

Forget the shells, we'll try peanut sauce turkey shucked in lettuce.

Aiming for rich Asian flavor, without a sodium-bomb oily mess.  Ground turkey is lean and tasteless, yet zap it with the secret sauce and you'd wager it's shicken.  My first attempt, this set worked well and made enough for two meals.  Ad-lib as needed for what you have in stock.
  • 1 lb. ground turkey, 98% fat free baby
  • A flowing head of romaine
  • White or yellow onion
  • Chopped tomato
  • Green or red pepper
  • Your favorite Eastern drip, try Trader Joe's soyaki and teriyaki
  • Spoon of peanut butter
  • Crushed nuts, cashews or other 
  • Olive oil and butter
  • Mexi fusion, I used up a blob of refried beans and cheddar wedge lurking in the fridge
Hand a sharp knife to the kid and tell her to go to town on the veg's.  Pigtails washed the lettuce, plucked a half-dozen leaves and blotted with a Brawny.  She made quick work of the onion, tomato and pepper.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch stove, dad gassed the pan, dribbled olive oil and butter, then seared the turkey and onions.  

Forget the Teflon crap, raw steel and cast iron are my favorite.  I like food to stick a little so takes on a crust.  

As the bird finishes up, bring on the Skippy, soy and teriyaki sauce.

 Flavor, yes ma'am.

Transfer the mess from counter to table.
Load up a lettuce leaf with the goods and fold into a wrap.

We tossed in leftover refried beans and cheddar to use them up, whatever you have on hand should work.  A side of snow peas and spicy hummus makes a meal.

The romaine's cold crunch offset by a hot peanut sauce turkey and caramelized onions hit all the right buds.  Bet Curls didn't even miss the carbs.  Pigtails didn't lose a finger in the making.



  1. YUM. That looks awesome, Beard. I remember having something similar at a restaurant in Houston -- took my sister to lunch after she took her final exams to get her R.N. She played it safe with some pasta dish, I ordered Asian Lettuce Wraps with Peanut dipping sauce. Delish. She teases me that I will try weird food, although I do have my limits. Fortunately my limits fell outside the Godiva Chocolate martini with which I finished off our end of nursing school celebration. (She had the Peach Bellini.) :)

  2. Anonymous3/05/2013

    Awe, we have been wrapping everything in lettuce too! Tacos, stir fry, tuna... Swap it for bread on sandwiches!!

  3. Anonymous3/06/2013

    How do you keep the raw steel pans sparkling?

    1. Steel will discolor a bit over time, I rather like the patina that comes on after years of use.

    2. Scrub inside with vinegar and baking soda? Don't scrub outside, and warm lemon juice works wonders for shine. Dry immediately, otherwise it would make dull marks.

  4. Where's Curl's next post on diet/health/fitness??

    1. Don't fret! I have not forgotten about you all.

      A bit of a teaser. Up next, the importance of exercise and how the very thought of working out hard makes us tired, but yet after working out we're somehow renewed with all sorts of boundless energy. Things that make you go hmmm...

      Be on the lookout for this and other practical approaches to gravitate toward, grow into and sustain a workable exercise regimen. It's transformation time, baby!

    2. Get on it Curls, the natives are restless.

  5. yum. i used andie's (from turkey lettuce wrap recipe a couple weeks ago -- sooo good. it didn't have any peanut though, and i'm sure it would be a great flavor. i'll have to add this to my rotation! =)

  6. That looks yummy. I wish my girls would eat something like that.

    1. In Pigtails' case, these "build your own" type meals, where adding the toppings are part of the fun, go over really, really well. She's not a particularly picky eater, but I actually think she eats even better during these moments. Lay out good, healthy options, give the kiddos a little empowerment and you might be surprised at what they'll try. Plus, the kid loves to help in the kitchen. Ask Beard. Pigtails likes to watch cooking shows on TV and will shush you if you dare interrupt. :)

      I still remember one fine day when we had fish tacos and Pigtails kept commenting on how tasty the chicken was. Some things are best left unsaid - no harm done.

    2. Darn tooting right, kids will eat nearly anything if you give them a choice of eats and let them build their own.

      She still thinks fish is chicken half the time, you'd think the tail would give it away.

  7. The dish looks great, but the main reason I am posting is sort of a pat-on-the-back to you AND your readers. As soon as I read "hand a sharp kinfe to the kid..." I cringed, not because I think it is a bad idea, but because I was imagining the hysterical comments I was going to find, people aghast that you would give the girl such a dangerous object. And I found...not a single one! Good for you for teaching her how to use one safely and good for your readers for not getting all stupid about it. And Curls: "Pigtails kept commenting on how tasty the chicken was. Some things are best left unsaid - no harm done." Very true! I have a friend whose son thought all meat was chicken until he went to college.

  8. Probably shouldn't mention I plan on taking Pigtails out hunting with a Remington in the next year or two.

    1. Oh good Beard, free-range meat!
      We plan to debut the 9yr-old with a bow this year or the next. That's where most of our meat comes from - Dad is the hunter, I'm the gatherer.

  9. Looks interesting, Beard, might have to try it here. The boys and dad loved you chicken/bean thingey - don't have the bean variety but I'm sure if I search the right health shops I might get lucky. We're very much a rice/potato/maize meal society...sugar beans in abundance.

    1. How was it the day after, all those people and beans and enclosed quarters?

  10. la tortilla makes a WONDERFUL low carb, high fiber wrap...great alternative!

  11. Good fat is healthy and necessary for our bodies. Please look into this further. Golly...after all you say on religion, daycare, parenting, exercise, etc., I have found the one thing I adamantly disagree with you on! Quit the darn low-fat meats and such - for your health, your daughters' and also for Curls!

    There! (I even added way more exclamation points than ever before!!!)

  12. We're phat, snacking often on good oils like almonds, guac', olive oil and bacon.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!