Mar 15, 2013

My First 5K - Week 2

Last Week's Progress
Liz tore up week one of her 5K training, laying skidmarks on the treadmill and 2 or 3 mile jaunts around her 'hood.  She lives close to Washington DC, the weather hovered in the 50s+, so she was able to play Frisbee outside with the kids.  Sore legs and a sick day meant backing off the speed a bit and recovering on the rest days.  

We talked through email about stretching, as her legs were cramping mid-run as the week expired.  Stretch after every run for 5 minutes, focus on slow holds to pull the front thighs, back hamstrings, calves and feet plus seated chicken wing to tenderize the inner legs.

She's calorie cutting alongside the burn (her idea, not mine), we agreed 1,500 per day sounds about right.  I recommended she up the ante when she logged a timid 1,000 calories one day.  My response was that is one large meal for me.  If you withhold too much food, the body locks up stores in starvation mode, plus the legs will be toast and no juice during the workouts. 

She likes to make homemade rice and curries, which are somewhat challenging to count calories for.  Liz said the ALDI Fit&Active meals are tasty for a quick lunch, plus the carbs are simple to track.  250 calories and only $1.90 for two brocco' turkey stuffed sandwiches.  She's also pounding salads and water pretty hard, aqua sloshes the insides in a good way and it quenches the munchies.

Next Week
Liz confirmed she'd like to repeat last week's schedule, aiming for about 12 miles this week:
  • Saturday, March 16 - 2 miles, alternate walking one block, jogging one block. 
  • Sunday - Same as above, reverse the route.
  • Monday - Rest, take the day off if you are sore or casual walk 2 miles if the legs feel fine.
  • Tuesday - If you feel good, do 3 miles, alternating walking and jogging every other block.
  • Wednesday - 2 miles, alternate walking one block, jogging one block.  Try to finish at least one minute faster than the same route on Saturday.
  • Thursday - Rest, classes.
  • Friday - Sweaty smorgasbord, pick an activity of your choosing that gets your heart pumping for 30 minutes.  Run, bike, elliptical, unicycle or group fitness class.  Key here is you need to work hard.  If using a machine like an elliptical, set the level high enough that your heart and breathing are thumping and it's difficult to hold a conversation.
That's it for now, nice job Liz and keep it up!



  1. Anonymous3/15/2013

    Go Liz!! We are cheering for you all the way! Don't skimp on the food. Eat healthy and your body will do what's right!! Congrats!

  2. Nice job! Go Liz, you've got this.

  3. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Liz, what a great start! I have a similar problem of not eating enough calories. Lately, I've been solving that with a pint of ice cream for the week. It might be counterproductive for you, but it's so delicious and a great motivator for me. Just a thought!

  4. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Also, something to add to your stretching repertoire is the iliopsoas muscle. It's huge (runs from your back into your hip), and if you pull it is REALLY hard to heal (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...). Especially important in women as our hamstrings are more likely to injure than males. To get at it, lie flat on your back, legs flat against the floor, and pull one knee to your chest. Not across it, but into it. (like what's posted here: but flat on the floor & no legs on an angle to the side). Count to ten. Change sides. Repeat 2-3 times per leg. Just 2cents from someone who's been dealing with inflammation for years.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!