Mar 31, 2013

My First 5K - Week 4

Last Week's Progress
Liz on how last week's training went down:
"Sorry I haven't been able to do my best this week...with the knee pain, sick kids, spring break, daughter's birthday etc. my routine got all messed up.
On the bright side, I got new shoes...Brooks Ghost 5.  I'm feeling much better now. Next week I promise I'll be back on routine and giving my 100%."
I told her not to worry about it.  A new week is starting, the temp in Washington D.C. will be in the 50s and 60s, and she'll be flying fast on a pair of ghosts.

Next Week
Liz said it was difficult to maintain 4 mph on the hill workout, and her knee was sore.  We'll replay last week's plan, with a few adjustments to hopefully make it more comfortable:
  • Saturday - 2 mile fast walk with hills.  On a treadmill, set the speed at 3 mph, incline to 1%, every 2 minutes increase the incline by 1%.  Max at 5% grade, then start over at 1%, adding on every 2 minutes.
  • Sunday - 2 miles, alternate 1 minute walking, 1 minute jogging.
  • Monday - Rest, take the day off if sore or casual walk 2 miles if the legs feel good.
  • Tuesday - 3 miles, alternating walking and jogging every other block.
  • Wednesday - 2 mile hill workout, same as Saturday.  Try to finish one minute faster than you did on Saturday.
  • Thursday - Rest, classes.
  • Friday - Sweaty smorgasbord, pick an activity of your choosing that gets your heart pumping for 30 minutes.  Run, bike, elliptical, unicycle or group fitness class.  Key here is you need to work hard.  If using a machine like an elliptical, set the level high enough that your heart and breathing are thumping and it's difficult to hold a conversation.
Good luck, Liz!

One week break on the blog, I'll post next weekend.

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