Apr 20, 2013

My First 5K - Week 7

Last Week's Progress
Liz is working hard towards her master's degree.  I laughed then facepalmed when she sent this today:

"The professor we have this quarter is zero on the teaching scale. It looks like I have to self study a lot. I also have couple of assignments due this week.. so I maybe tight on time."

Always amazes me the amount of money it costs for school, coupled with students sometimes ending up with lazy instructors.  Boo!

If the rain holds this week, she's going to try and walk her daughter to school, then get her walk/jog workout done on the long route home.  This is a good way to multitask, getting some exercise along with shuttling the kid to class.
This Week
We're cooling our jets on running this week and replacing with some biking miles because, well, jogging can be a bore sometimes:
  • Saturday - 10 mile bike ride, fast pace where breathing heavily and difficult to hold a conversation 
  • Sunday - 3 mile walk, alternate regular and fast walking every other minute
  • Monday - 2 mile steady walk
  • Tuesday - 3 mile walk, alternate regular and fast walking every other block
  • Wednesday - Cross-train for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Thursday - Same bike workout as Saturday, try to finish it one minute faster
  • Friday - Rest
Liz said she'll use an indoor spin bike this week and wants to buy an outdoor ride.  She asked for suggestions, I said:

The type of bike to buy depends on a number of factors and what you want.  There are 3 general types:

- Mountain or cruiser bike - fatter tires, weighs more, good for pulling a kid with a bike trailer or riding on dirt trails and rough pavement
- Road bike - skinny tires, lighter, less comfortable, good for longer (20+ miles) and faster rides on smooth pavement
- Hybrid bike - a mix of the above two, medium width tires, lightweight frame, comfortable ride, can handle smooth or rough pavement, good for pulling kids behind

If unsure what you want, find a local bike shop and talk with them.  A hybrid might be good for you to start on, since it's a comfortable ride and has some of the features of both mountain and road bikes.  Test ride a few and see which one feels best.  Don't buy a cheapy from Target, pay a little more for quality from a bike shop.  Prices range from $200 to $400 on the low end, medium is $500 - $800, high is $900+.

I sent her a link to one with a motor on it.

Liz is on the lookout for a 5K near Washington D.C. in late May or early June.  Let us know if you live in the area and have ideas.



  1. Jeremy's Run might fit the bill: http://www.jeremysrun.com/

  2. Not sure exactly where in the DC area Liz is, but here in Montgomery county they have a running club the Montgomery County Road Runners and their website usually has a lot of the regional runs listed: mcrrc.org

  3. Anonymous4/21/2013

    I have to say... I wish someone else had won the opportunity to get Beard's help because it does not seem like Liz has the time or motivation to take this seriously... kind of a let down... :/

    1. You're only half right...Liz is plenty motivated on her workouts, but she does sometimes struggle to find time to get the miles in. Having difficulty finding time to sweat is understandable when you have two young kids and are working on the master's. That's why she's multitasking for efficiency, walking her daughter to school, then getting the workout in on the return home.

      Give us more time, I'm confident Liz will be ready for her first 5K in a few weeks.

  4. Hey, Beard - not sure where else to share this, and this seems the most appropriate place, so here goes:

    I'm not much of a runner and not sure I ever will be. The jarring sensation of foot to pavement seems to send uncomfortable shockwaves through my legs, and as a teenager I struggled with shin splints. All that to say, I am fine with walking and on April 14, I walked my first 5K to raise money for brain cancer research at the Run for the Rose in Houston, Texas. I did not train properly, as I should have, but I did finish with a time of 1 hour, 11 minutes -- which seems slow to speedy folk like y'all, but finishing the course proved that I CAN do this.

    My friend, Marcelyn (who gently roped me into doing the thing), began walking to lose weight and as she became healthier and stronger, has gone on to complete two half marathons (running). She told me about a half marathon in Sugarland, Texas, that takes place in January. Participants have the option of running or walking (the motto of the race is "ANYONE can do a 1/2 marathon!") So under Marcelyn's guidance, I am going to train to compete (against myself) for this race.

    Just wanted you to know. :)


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