Apr 28, 2013

My First 5K - Week 8

Last Week's Progress
We're two months into this circus, a month to go.  Liz logged 15 miles last week and 77 miles total since she started sweating.  Early on, she was only able to walk the workouts.  Now, she's jogging part of the time, and tells me she can do a flight of stairs without being out of breath.  The scale's also getting lighter, keep at it.

This Week
I asked Liz to help put together her training plan for next week.  Haven't heard back yet, so will try and get her input next week.  Let's try this for now:
  • Saturday - 3 mile walk, alternate regular and fast walking every other minute
  • Sunday - 10 mile bike ride
  • Monday - 2 mile fast walk
  • Tuesday - 3 mile walk, alternate regular and fast walking every other block
  • Wednesday - Cross-train for 45 minutes
  • Thursday - Same workout as Saturday, try to finish one minute faster
  • Friday - Rest
Also, go ahead and eat 8 cookies and 2 sodas if you want, the elite Kenyans do (spotted at Drake this morning):



  1. Jeremy4/29/2013

    Saw you running and keeping the pace this weekend right around mile 9 as you entered the park...nice work.

    1. Nice, did you see Abe Lincoln running a few yards in front of us as we entered the park?

    2. Jeremy4/30/2013

      Sure did....you got to love the dedication of some runners. I wonder if he was running the half or the whole.


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