Jun 9, 2013

B&P Bento Box

What happens when you toss together my favorite local coffee, tea, candy and spices?

The B&P Bento Box!

I'm doing a limited run of the best that Des Moines puts out. The plan is to unload these puppies and get your feedback on what you like and how we can improve the set.  If there's additional interest after the first batch sells, I'll box a second helping so you readers can taste what I nibble on and write about.

The damage is $22, here's the booty:

  • A full pack of Beaverdale Confections Gourmet 'Mallows
  • A glass jar of Graziano's Italian spice
  • Two servings of coffee, light and medium roast toasted in Beaverdale this week
  • Five servings of Gong Fu tea:  Blue Spring Oolong (x2), Lotus Green (x2) and South African Rooibos Red Vanilla (x1)
  • Tea leaf paper filters (x5)
  • Full brew instructions for the coffee and tea

I've blogged about all of these local small businesses except for the beans.  I'll pen that later this week.  The Beaverdale coffeehouse roasts Wednesday mornings, I'll stop in early before work and fire up the camera with questions.  It has more bite than Starbucks, days old rather than months.

We'll do the deed through PayPal, I've added a button at the top.  Select  your favorite flavor of marshmallows, either vanilla bean, toasted coconut or caramel.

Shipping is a flat rate of $9 anywhere in the U.S.  The marshmallows are natural and contain no preservatives, so best eaten within a week.  I'll ship priority mail so they arrive in 3 days, piping hot.  

If you are international and hankering for a bite, e-mail BeardandPigtails@gmail.com and we can discuss.  Shipping across the sea will cost more than the goods.  

Help snatch up these boxes so we can eat din-din at the table again.  Proceeds will go towards the cost of running the blog (about $100/yr).




  1. Slap my name on one of those boxes -- just clicked on PayPal and the money's on the way, Beard. ;) Looking forward to having a little bit of Iowa make its way to Texas -- I know my daughter will get a kick out of the tea (she's become a bit of a tea snob and loves to try new flavors) and I'm eyeing those Vanilla Bean marshmallows and the Italian spices with great anticipation.

    1. I'll ship the bento tomorrow, your treats should arrive in a few days.

      Thanks Laura!

    2. I enjoy your blog immensely -- happy to do my part and reap some personal rewards in the process!

  2. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Where's the salsa??

    1. Quizás la próxima vez.

  3. Would love to grab up a box however we are in the middle of a move and would worry about it not getting to the old house in time and the new house too soon. I'm hoping you'll put together theses boxes again in the future.

    Would you consider shipping to the Great White North?

    1. Let me know if you'd like a B&P Bento after you get moved in. I wait to purchase and pack the marshmallows after an order arrives, so the goods will be fresh when they arrive. I can ship to the GWN for $20, for a total of $42.

  4. Three shipped today, two to Texas and another to Washington State. Seven Bento Boxes to go, let me know.

  5. Two more packed for the northeast, Virginia and Maryland. Five left.

  6. Another Bento to Texas tomorrow.

    Let me know when ordering if you want the coffee beans ground before I ship. Freshest if you grind on your end, most grocery stores have a large commercial grinder in the coffee aisle you can use for free.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!