Jun 2, 2013

Loose Ends

Time to polish off a few loose ends that need tended to.  

Little Brother
I scribbled a post at work for National Volunteer Week, sharing the great experience we've had with Quincy through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa.  Mentioned the drive to raise money for Q's cochlear implant upgrade.  A few people at work emailed and said they'd contribute hundreds of bucks to help.  Someone else asked how close are we to goal.  I checked with his mom two weeks ago, the account was at $6,000.  $18,000 will buy a new pair, she said if they trade in the old processors the cost comes down to $10,000.  So $4K to go.

It's frustrating that we can't close the gap so he can hear better.  So much money is wasted on crap out there, millions of bucks on junk.  This is something that will make a noticeable improvement and amp up his hearing by 30%.

The GiveForward drive expired, so his mom opened a Wells Fargo account:

     Quincy's Cochlear Fund
     Wells Fargo Bank
     5880 Merle Hay Rd.
     Johnston, IA  50131

A coordinator from BB/BS that sets up a booth at work for people to sign up for volunteer week sent this note.  Right on, this is why I wrote it:

I’m one of the mentoring coordinators here at Big Brothers Big Sisters. Last week, I attended the Volunteer Fair and while I was there many of the employees that I spoke with mentioned that a current Big Brother had written a blog on the intranet about his experiences as a Big Brother. After talking with Tim M., the mystery was solved when I learned you were the one that had written the blog. J
First of all, thank you so much for sharing your experiences! It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and I honestly credit it for so many people stopping by our table at the volunteer fair to inquire about BBBS. Second, is there any possibility you could send me a copy of the blog you wrote? And would you be okay with us posting it onto our website?
Mama bird and her three chicks wove a condo on my downspout.  Daughter and I have been following their little family the last several weeks.  I'll write a post with more, one chick passed (neighborhood funeral), but the other two are strong and nearly ready to fly the nest.

Liz's First 5K
She did it!  Liz completed the Brambleton 5K over Memorial weekend.  I asked her to send a finish photo, this is what I got.  Told her I didn't realize she's balding:

Silly, then she sent this, her at the end with a group of friends from church:

She said:

"It sure was fun. Thanks for the motivation. 3 months ago I would have laughed if someone said I would be participating in a 5k. Hopefully, my next one I will run instead of walk. I will continue training all summer.  I am no:163 with the rest of the team from church. 

Thanks again Coach."

Nice job, Liz!

Let me know if anybody else is hoping to run your first 5K this year.  We can do another 10 week training set this summer or fall.

B&P Bento Box
I'm busy putting together a limited number of B&P Bento Boxes that will soon be available for sale.  They'll house small amounts of high quality Des Moines goodies:  Graziano's Italian spice, Gong Fu loose tea, homemade Beaverdale marshmallows and local roasted whole coffee beans.  I think you'll like the mix of tasty treats unique to this area.  The 'mallows are ridiculous, in a good way.



  1. I would love for you to be my 5K coach. I'm currently pregnant with baby #2, due in August. I probably need the couch to 5K method, thrown in with 2 kids (we will get a double stroller), a c-section and a MN fall/winter, but I am game. Pick me pick me!

    1. I'll add you to the list, good luck with baby #2 this August!

  2. Loved this update on all the loose ends. Great job on getting published & spreading the good word regarding BBBS. Sorry to hear about one of your little housemates. *wink* Liz's first finish photo is hilarious, especially accompanied by your quick wit. Have you found a way to ship those Bento babies to Australia?

    1. We could probably try to ship across the ponds, although postal fees to Australia will cost much more than what the contents are worth. I was also thinking about a trade, for example Stel lives in South Africa and I'd entertain a swap of red rooibos tea picked in her area for some spices or coffee on my side. Will you ship me a kangaroo?

    2. Imagine the shipping fees on a National Treasure !!

  3. Long time reader ... first time commentor (or is it commentee?) :) I come by every day to see if there is something new going on in B&P.

    I loved reading about Liz's training (GREAT JOB LIZ!!) I recently got back into running after taking a 10 year hiatus. Knee surgery in 2004 made me a wee bit hesitant to hurt myself again however a colleague of mine challenged me to a 5k mid June and I accepted. I found a great 5 week program at Runners World and I'm currently in week four. It's slow going but I'm not in it to set any records ... just feel good again. My next goal will be a 10k sometime in the fall after the Army Run in Ottawa (another 5k) with the hopes of completing the half marathon in the fall of 2014.

    I'd love to see a 10k or half marathon training set later in the summer!

    1. I'd be open to coaching a 10K or half if you are, get on that 5K this month and let us know how it goes.

    2. Thanks for the offer, that would be fan-freakin-tastic! We're in the middle of a move at the end of June but will be settled in our new location by the second week in July. Sign me up for the 10k coach!

  4. Well done Liz and coach Beard!
    It was Comrades marathon in South Africa this Sunday *hint hint* - now you can set your sites on those loooong distances :-D


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