Sep 3, 2013

Fuzzy Ears

When a person needs help, talk is cheap.
Action makes the difference.       

Pigtails and I met Quincy a year ago through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa.  He's in 2nd grade and always smiling.  We hang out twice a month, every other Sunday afternoon for two hours.  We ride bikes, shoot hoops and read at the library.  I reinforce the importance of school and encourage him to stand up strong when a kid was hassling him.

Here's how last Sunday went down...crabs, chocolate covered chicken drumsticks and more (link).

Quincy was born deaf, but is able to hear pretty well after cochlear implant surgery brought the sound.  His sound processors, the curved computers that clip behind his ears, are six years old.  Like an Atari, they are obsolete.

A few months ago, B&P readers tossed in $1,200 via the site to help Quincy replace his outdated processors.  I matched a Grover Cleveland, plus a few other donations tallied $6,000.  Quincy's mom cashed the pot for a spanking new right processor. She traded in the old, which dropped the cost from $9K per ear to $6,500 per.

Here's the rusty but trusty old processor:

And the sweet new ride:

Old left, new right:

Quincy is happy, he says the new one "doesn't sound fuzzy like the old one."  The new is significantly smaller and lighter, attaches securely and has yet to fall off when we play at the park.  The old processor fell off several times a day.

I'm glad he replaced the right side.
But there's more work to do.
He needs $6,500 to replace his left processor.  

My goal is raise the spread in the next 85 days that the GiveForward drive is active.  There's no "administrative expense" bullcrap with this one.  Donations go directly to Q's cochlear replacement.  Contribute a little or a lot, share his GiveForward link on your Facebook or Twitter feeds to spread the word.

Click here to donate.  Help Quincy replace the left ear and nuke that fuzzy sound!



  1. All I've got is a $5, but I figure donations are like expenses...every little bit adds up. I'll share the link on my personal and blog FB pages...

  2. The OCD in me is not ok with one ear being clearer than the other. Donated... here's hoping we can meet the need!

    1. Nice, thanks for helping, colon lamp lady!

    2. I think of you both every time I use the lamp!

  3. Donated. So glad you are able to help spread the word to help Quincy get the equipment he needs. Also glad that you and Pigtails are able to spend time hanging out with Quincy and doing fun kid stuff.

    1. We do an ice cream stop every time we meet Quincy, you know, for the kids.

      Appreciate the help!

  4. Donated and shared. Good luck. :)

  5. Donated and shared! Good luck Quincy!

  6. $5.5k to go, we'll get there.

  7. Rachael9/08/2013

    Done and done! I'm so happy to be able to help such a sweet little guy.


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