Nov 7, 2013

My Kid Leaves the Seat Up. My Kid is a Girl.

So this "situation" crops up a time or two each month.  I walk into the bathroom to brush teeth before work and it stinks like oxe pee in there.  The throne is mellow yellow, I start to get on Pigtails' case about needing to flush the toilet, but stop short after realizing the seat's up.

Chalked it up as I must have made a bandit midnight stop and forgot to flush or perhaps I'm going senile.

The situation happened again this morning:

     Stench strong enough to melt paint.
     Commence barking at her about flushing the thunder box, then pause after noticing the seat is up.

She couldn't take it any longer and started cracking up.  I stood there puzzled, trying to decode the porcelain pit mystery.

"Dad, I got you...I've been putting up the seat after I'm done so you'll think you forgot to flush."

"Isn't that a lot more work than just flushing it?"

Beaming, "Yep, but this is funny."

Told me this tomfoolrey's been going down for six months, it apparently began as an April Fools' joke and she kept at it.  Told her well done, off to school and work we go.

While at work, this thought came to:  where was the TP...why wasn't there any in the bowl, yuck, doesn't she wipe?!

Picked her up from school, asked her why she's gross and skipping the Angel Soft.  She scoffed and responded, "Duh Dad, I threw it in the trash."

Well played.



  1. Well played, pigtails, well played. Slow clap....

  2. Omg i love this child. Evidence of awesome parenting skills right here

  3. he haw he haw he haw . . . . love can be amazing when you look in the little mirror and you see your own dash garn sense of humor and persistence and determination and you get to write about it . . . .

  4. I love that she carried on with this for over 7 months. Well done Pigtails!

  5. Melissa C.11/08/2013

    I love her sense of humor!! Also, dang! That girl has patience.

  6. Classic! Bet she had a smile on her face every single time! Also, I love the terminology...thunder box!? Crack me up!!

  7. Anonymous11/10/2013

    Now that is devious. And awesome. Well done, Pigtails. Well done.

  8. Creativity. Commitment. Patience. Humour. Intelligence. Love. Hygiene. Pigtails has them all and then some. Good parenting Beard and fun times. I've said it before, your daughter sounds awesome and you had at least half to do with that. No -15 fail there mate! Congrats!! But, maybe she could do with a little more water to tone down the stenchy yellow. (where did you learn "thunderbox"? I've grown up to believe it was Australian slang)

  9. Replies
    1. Praying your two little ones are more normal than mine.


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