Dec 16, 2013

Honey Badger Don't Care - 2, Running in 40 - 50F

Forecast shows the mercury's touching the 40s on Wednesday, yee haw!  Ideal running temps, I'll pack shorts, long sleeve wicking shirt, thin gloves and a ball cap to retain a smidge of heat.

The Most Important Part...
Let's talk running shoes.  Don't skimp on this one, otherwise the injury fairy may force you to tap out.

It will take some time to find the right brand and model that's right for you. Depending on how God decided to knit together your lower extremities, your foot either rolls inward (pronates) or outward (supinates) when you jog.  A neutral footstrike is desirable, and means your foot initially rolls outward as you strike the ground, then rolls inward slightly on push-off.

Body weight also plays into what models of shoes you'll want to look at.  Heavier runners usually need extra cushioning.  If you have low arches, shoes with more motion control will feel better.

So the main criteria in finding a shoe that fits well:

-Neutral footstrike or is there overpronation or underpronation/supination?
-How much cushioning do you need?
-Is your arch flat, average or high?

The easiest way to get started is head to a local running store, bring a pair of old shoes and have them look at the wear pattern.  They can then offer suggestions for what shoes to try on.  The Runner's World Shoe Finder can also get you going.

Don't monkey with clown shoes like Vibram FiveFingers, gimmicks.  If you like to bound down dirty singletrack, a pair of trail shoes will add some bite and help keep you dry.  For winter ice jaunts, we drill screws in the bottom or slip on Yaktrax.

My weapons of choice are Saucony Kinvara 4s for training, Asics DS Racers for marathons, Kinvara TRs for trail runs and Hush Puppies when hitting the town.  Once you figure out what shoes you like, Running Warehouse runs the best deals.  The new Kinvara 5s will release soon, so I'll order two or three pair of the old model v4 for around $55 a set.

Tomorrow we'll put on pants for 30 - 40 degree temps.  In the meantime, think on this one:  When you claw through a hard workout, the internal temperature of your muscles reaches:

A)  100F
B)  110F
C)  120F
D)  None of the above



  1. Alison M12/17/2013

    120!! didn't even cheat and google it.

    I have a question - what do the chicks do since most of us can't grow beards? I see that facial hair is part of your get-up... do we need to invest in one of these??

    1. 120 -130 degrees if you really get after it/RAGBRAI...amazeballs!

      I suggest you pin that crotchet beard to your facial hair Pinterest board so husband gets the hint and maybe will come through for you next Wednesday.

  2. Aaargh I think I've bought the wrong shoes. I'm a very light and intermittent runner...started with a Couch to 5 K app recently and decided it was time for new ones. Guys at the shoe shop had me running running barefoot and with shoes on the treadmill and outside and damn, even where I am now, at 3.3 km, it's hard. The soles. I'm literally pounding the pavement. Doesn't help that I'm holidaying 1300 km away now, won;t be able to return.

    1. What model of shoes do you run with, please say it's not a wooden clog.

    2. Brooks Adrenalin GTS 12 Wooden Clog

    3. Your hickory clogs sound fine, try a neti pot and ground goat hoof and you'll feel better.

  3. Anonymous12/17/2013

    My favorite shirt....the 1970's "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow" long sleeve.

  4. I agree whole-heartedly ... go to a running store and have your gait looked at, makes an amazing difference with your runs. Don't go to a big-box type store, the staff are not usually trained very well for that sort of thing.

    Women runners usually have an extra layer (running bra) and I found I would over heat quicker when I layered for the cooler fall temps. I started throwing a thin base layer top on that I could zip/unzip when needed.

    Checked out the link for Running Warehouse hoping I could find my beloved yet discontinued Mizuno Enigma 2's in a 7 ... cue sad trombone sounds. Checked out the Sayonara's I am currently running in to see if I could get a deal but the shipping to Canada was $25! Colour me cheap, not enough of a saving for me to grab a pair.

    1. If you ever do find a good deal on your shoes at Running Warehouse, enter code BCBC at checkout to save. I think it's a 15% discount.


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