Dec 17, 2013

Honey Badger Don't Care - 3, Running in 30 - 40F

Yesterday's pop quiz: During a hard workout, max internal muscle temps reach:

A)  100F
B)  110F
C)  120F
D)  None of the above

Answer is D, muscles burn @130F when you really get after it.  This explains why you can head out in shorts and thin shirt at 30 degrees and still drip a sweat trail.  First 10 minutes of a winter run are chilly, then the internal furnace stokes and you're comfortable.

Base layers come into play in the upper 20s/lower 30s range.  Base means slim fitting wicking shorts and shirt to trap body heat and block the external chill.  Mostly it keeps your junk warm.

Heads up warning on the man spanx...I mangled Curls and Pigtails' eyes and innocence as they snapped these.

For a 30 - 40 degree run, combine a short base layer:  

+ Plus + 

Shorts, sleeves, thin gloves and cap:

Techno Trot
There are piles of gadgets available to help track your workouts.  I keep it simple with an Ironman digi-watch to split the miles.  Today we jogged 7 miles over lunch, hilly Loop of Coin in 46 minutes with a 5:33 mile tossed in there steaming down Grand Ave.

A GPS watch syncs with satellites in space and provides real-time distance, minute-per-mile pace and elevation data.  It records and stores the details of each run.  At the end of the week, you can plug the watch into your computer and feed workouts into a spreadsheet or Google map.  Garmin is a solid brand, the Forerunner 220 looks pretty hot and can beam workout info to your phone.

A heart rate monitor is a plastic strap that goes around your boobs.  It tracks your thumper, beaming beats-per-minute info to a watch, keeping you abreast of effort relative to max heart rate.  Polar brand is popular.

Don't blow your wad on the Nike Fuelband or Jawbone UP.  They don't work and are closer to a random number generator than a useful fitness tool.

Phone apps are another option, RunKeeper is free and gets positive reviews.  The idea of hammering 10 miles with a $600 iPhone strapped to my arm/thigh sounds like an invite to trouble, but some people do it.  I'm looking forward to the iWatch Apple will release next year.  It will be a compelling workout buddy.

Tomorrow we'll kiss 20 - 30 degrees and finally put on some pants.



  1. I am a metric junkie and love obsessing about stats so I started running using the Map My Run app on my phone but as my mileage increased it became a pain to carry my phone with me. My first GPS watch was a simple Garmin Forerunner 10 (no heart rate monitor) and I picked it up for about $100 at a race expo. I recently upgraded to the Forerunner 210 with a foot pod and HR monitor (wanna make sure the ticker doesn't explode because I'm not as young as I like to think I am). I found it at Costco for $199! Great posts, looking forward to more.

    1. How is the Garmin 210 holding up, do you like it?

    2. So far so good. It's a bit clunky for my skinny wrists and didn't come in any girly colours but I love that it has the foot pod so I can track my treadmill runs.

  2. And here we wear as little s possible :-) Guys will often train shirtless in summer, wearing singlets for races.
    And Mrs Beginner here jogs with Active's Couch to 5K iPhone App :-) Struggled a bit with the phone though. Don't like the armband and just tuck it in my shorts now.

    1. Yeah, we go shirtless and skip underpants on runs over 75F degrees here. You are the first person I've heard that runs with a smartphone down her pants. That's how you roll in South Africa!


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