Feb 27, 2013

Morbid Mortality and Love

Weathering life's headwinds helps me better live out each day.   

Pigtails spent four days with her mom last weekend, so Curls and I caught the French flick Amour.  Redbox it sometime.  Parts of the film are difficult to watch, my face pulled in pain.  An aged husband empties himself to care for his wife, she's slipping away after a stroke paralyzes.  

This movie articulates two tough points I've thought about for years, but haven't written much on:

I fear growing old more than death.
Love is not an emotion, but doing what's right for the other person, even when we don't feel like it. 

Feb 24, 2013

Legs and Legumes

My kitchen concoctions are often born from a game of pantry roulette.  Inventory what's on hand, run some possible dinner combos in my noggin, then grease the skillet and go. 

We eat beans often, several times a week and mostly from a can.  While cans are quick, the high amount of sodium packed in there's a bore.  Plus cancer-linked BPA, and do you reckon traces of metal leach in?  I think so, sometimes I taste metal. 

So I'm weaning off cans in favor of fresh or dried. 

Beans, beans the magical fruit do a body good.  A single serving wallops 15 grams of protein and 50% of daily fiber.  Iron and calcium too, complex carbs, fatless and tasty on the tongue.  A one pound pack of dried beans costs a buck and cooks into 6 cups.  That's a great deal. 

Feb 20, 2013

Virgin 5K

Who's ready to get dirty and run a 5K this spring? 

cracking the whip against college kids

Feb 16, 2013

You Like Top or Bottom?

The other day, Curls and I were pondering one of the more important questions in life:  Is it best to mount T.P. from the top or bottom?

Which way do you like it?  Vote in the poll and let us know.  ----->




Feb 14, 2013


Got spanked in the comments last time I published a school post.  Folks called me creepy, controlling and a colossal idiot.  

Shrug, let's do it again.

Today we'll look at K-12 education in a triple-bout cage match:

    America vs. The World
    Iowa vs. The Nation
    Public vs. Private

Feb 11, 2013

The bleepin' Pickle

Pigtails wanted to write a post about her Jump Rope for Heart team at school.  Best guess spelling, I let it be, here we go.

The fuckey pickel

Well this is our name of our poster in jump rope for Heart. You probably think what is this girl talking about? BUT THIS IS SCIORUAS you know the subway comical’s the American heart ashosheeation menshened? Well that is what we are jumping for!!!!! GOT IT????  This is what we did in it. First we made our own teams than we got poster paper and made it. Than we gave the poster to the teacher and at 1:45 PM we started to jump rope. This means a lot to me because we do this every year and I like to raise money for the American heart ashosheeation.

                                                              THE END


Feb 9, 2013


Bloggin's a one-way ticket sometimes.  Put out a post, people I've never met read my junk.  The end. 

I'd like to close the gap a little, meet you that follow my daughter and me on B&P.  Leave a comment with your name, why you read this thing, and link up to your own blog if you'd like.  I'll bop over, check it out and harass with a note.

Can a brother get 100 people to do a flyby?  Or 10 will do.

all ready for the vDance


Feb 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

Squared Up
The collector's calling, Pigtails finally chored up 65 bucks to repair the broken iTouch.  Her goal was $75, that's what a new screen fetches.  A reader pleaded grace @65, so I acquiesced.  

Daughter, were you the anonymous comment suggesting we shut it down at $65?

Feb 4, 2013

A Winter Wilder Foot Race

The air temp over lunch was Fahrenheit five, 15 below counting the prickle breeze.  The hardest part of a run is the first stride.  Or maybe back in the locker room, mind doing a face palm and coughing up excuses:  skip the workout fool, stay inside and eat BBQ instead.

But I force it knowing a brisk trot feels good at the end, plus it throttles up metabolism to help push through the two o'clock slump at work.

I hook daily with the SCRC group, a real-feel below zero punches the IOW (Idiots of Winter) ticket.  Each January we attempt cold weather feats of long distance stupidity.  Sometimes we create our own winter marathon.  Riggs once covered 26.2 miles in two hours forty minutes, with bits of steel drilled into his Sauconys to stick iced tarmac. 

This year, three of us descended on the inaugural Winter Wilder Foot Race in Spring Valley, Minnesota.  The forecast cooked a steady state 30 MPH wind and high of 15 degrees.

It would be an authentic Idiots of Winter event.