Aug 26, 2013

Turn up the Bass

Pigtails was by her side when mom passed the day before 4th of July.

Sometimes she wakes up at night crying.  A few days after the funeral, daughter grabbed my antique flip phone and tried to speed dial her mom.  Took her a minute to realize nobody would answer.

She has a great school counselor, they exchanged handwritten cards this summer.  The first day of school, counselor pulled Pigtails from class for a few minutes so they could have a quiet talk.  Kids are resilient, she'll be okay.

Horrific few months.  I listen as people tell me about their sunny multi-week and lie when they ask how our summer went.

Fifth grade started last week.  She's looking more grown up lately.  Our conversations are maturing, lots of lady and special napkins and other such topics lately.  She talks to me about everything.  I love that, and hope she continues through the teen years.