Nov 23, 2013

A Random Post

Life's rarely linear, but rather a series of small random happenings.  Here's a dump of what's going on at the B&P household.

Two winters ago, I shared a night run around my 'hood and mentioned a cozy bistro I wanted to try.  We took care of that, the 24-hour smoked brisket and cinnamon butter cornbread are without reproach.  Local owned Flying Mango doesn't disappoint and Urban Spoon confirms it.  If you live in the area or pass Des Moines, stop for a bite and request the corner nook.

Nov 17, 2013

Failing to Find Your Niche - 3

By your perseverance you will secure your lives. Lk 21:19

By now you've deduced the title's a word play.  It's not about failing to find your niche, but rather using failure like a machete to hack the thatch until you discover talent.

Yesterday mom said "Beard, reading your blog you sound down."  Nope, so wanted to be clear on the point of the series.

9 quickies I've learned from failing in order to find my niche, then we're all done:

  1. If there's an opportunity to try something new, do it.  The best (and worst) came when I said yep.
  2. Saying no in order to avoid failure is not better than saying yes and experiencing failure.  You don't know what you're missing without trying.
  3. You won't be good at everything, don't let it bother you.  Join the club.  
  4. Fear of failure, or not being certain we'll be good at something is not a good reason to say no.  Don't be a puss.
  5. We don't have to be perfect to make a difference.  Sometimes good enough is sufficient.
  6. If you fail at something, step back and decide if you should a) stop, b) practice until improvement or c) put it on hold and retry another time.  Often we fall short at first, but it eventually clicks if we stay on it.   
  7. Failure is usually a better teacher than success.  It hurts more though.
  8. History shows nearly everyone that made a dent first failed a bunch.  Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985.  Later he said the eventual success of the company would never have happened without him getting canned.
  9. There are things you are good at that you don't yet know about.  Get out there and discover them!

'thon #13 done


Nov 12, 2013

Failing to Find Your Niche - 2

Coach Hofmann tossed a rope and helped pull me out of the muck in high school.

He's perpetually 65 years old; looked it when I was in school 20 yrs ago and is the same today.  Blue polyester shorts without exception, even through winter.  He was somehow able to pull off the Daisy Dukes and tube socks without being creepy.  Everyone was okay with it.

Nov 11, 2013

Failing to Find Your Niche - 1

To find your niche in life, you must first be proficient at failing. 

Growing up, I was not very good at many things.

Cello in grade school, little league baseball, neighborhood fistfights and wrestling.  Terrible, at all of them.  9th grade, I wrestled a boy that was born without legs.  He pinned my scrawn in 15 seconds.

Paper route when I was 13:  was lost my first few times, didn't realize I inadvertently dropped a paper to the front and back door of the same low income apartments.  It was an evening route, getting dark, I was confused and ran out of papers before the route was finished.  Surprised I didn't get canned.

Detasseling corn as an early teen, I was allergic to pollen, messed around too much, wasn't always able to keep up and missed too many tassels.  Foreman asked me not to return the next season.

Orthodontist said I had to wear headgear all day, even at school.  Girls weren't keen on my headgear.

Nov 7, 2013

My Kid Leaves the Seat Up. My Kid is a Girl.

So this "situation" crops up a time or two each month.  I walk into the bathroom to brush teeth before work and it stinks like oxe pee in there.  The throne is mellow yellow, I start to get on Pigtails' case about needing to flush the toilet, but stop short after realizing the seat's up.

Chalked it up as I must have made a bandit midnight stop and forgot to flush or perhaps I'm going senile.

The situation happened again this morning:

     Stench strong enough to melt paint.
     Commence barking at her about flushing the thunder box, then pause after noticing the seat is up.

She couldn't take it any longer and started cracking up.  I stood there puzzled, trying to decode the porcelain pit mystery.

"Dad, I got you...I've been putting up the seat after I'm done so you'll think you forgot to flush."

"Isn't that a lot more work than just flushing it?"

Beaming, "Yep, but this is funny."

Told me this tomfoolrey's been going down for six months, it apparently began as an April Fools' joke and she kept at it.  Told her well done, off to school and work we go.

While at work, this thought came to:  where was the TP...why wasn't there any in the bowl, yuck, doesn't she wipe?!

Picked her up from school, asked her why she's gross and skipping the Angel Soft.  She scoffed and responded, "Duh Dad, I threw it in the trash."

Well played.