Jan 17, 2014

GreenGro My Windows

Nestled comfy in my sleeping slacks, oolong tea on boil and tapping those stock market posts last week, we had back-to-back nights of -20F wind chills.  My circa 1950 windows were frosted white, hemorrhaging icy air and turning Pigtails' toes blue.  Decided it's time to replace the crusty single panes with something younger than 60 years old.  Haven't been able to open them in the 15 years I've lived here.  They're all stuck shut or missing screens.  I'm an open windows kind of guy, longing for a fall chill to blow in at night for slumber.

I've replaced a handful already, the big boy 8 footer in the living room and new glass blocks on my pee rooms.  $3,000 worth of windows left to go, pulled the trigger on triple panes this week.

Which brings us back to that pot stock poll.  Two weeks ago, I purchased 800 shares of GreenGro stock at 10 cents per share ($800 total invested).  Within a week, they were going for 40 cents a share.  Price peaked at 60 cents (600% gain), but I missed the climax and sold at 40 cents.  So pocketed > $3K from a 10 day investment.  eTrade deposited to checking and I forked the cash to window man yesterday, just before a snowsquall struck.

GreenGro is a hydroponics SME that grows and operates medical Mary Jane dispensaries.  I won't smoke it, same reason I don't puff cigarettes, but personally don't have issues investing, selling and using profits for free windows.

I don't advise others to attempt this unless you're open to a high probability of losing everything.  Many of these cannabis-related stocks are tied to tiny companies that trade on the OTC pink sheets, and are very volatile.  Recreational marijuana is illegal at the federal level, and banks in Colorado are unwilling to allow pot shops to make deposits.

It's a tender experiment with an unknown outcome.

Had a hunch the stock price would temporarily shoot up after the Colorado law went live January 1.  I got lucky.

Thumbs up to windows that open, maybe I'll sleep with them cracked a little tonight (10 degrees).


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  1. Niiiice! Congrats on a good, educated hunch.


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