Mar 19, 2014

Spring Break - Hoarder Discovered and Losing 6 Pounds in 75 Minutes

Pigtails and I usually head north to a waterpark in Wisconsin for spring break.  This year, I took four days of PTO over break to do diddly squat.  Slept in late.  Ate two sacks of Quadratini wafers.

Asked the neighbor kids to teach me how to RipStik.

Pigtails horned for tips.  She received two honks, a thumbs up and one blank stare.

Curls stopped over and helped daughter de-hoard the junk under her bed.  Apparently for months, Pigtails "cleaning her room" consisted of ramming crap underneath.  The entire pile there was hidden.

So after a week of porking out and being lazy, the scale this morning showed 153 pounds.  I'm usually in the low-140s, so knew a long run was in order.  Here's pre-run at 11:00 am:

Went for a 75 minute, 11 mile jog.  Here's post-workout at 1:00 pm, a 6 lb drop.

Some of that is water weight, but not all of it.  It was freezing wind and a real-feel in the upper 20s, so didn't sweat that much.  Nothing is more difficult than running.  On the flipside, nothing gives a better burn and brings on the fitness faster.  It's not always enjoyable or easy, but the cost/benefit works in favor of it.

What did you do over spring break?  Temp in the 30s here, hopefully we'll see blue sky and grass soon.



  1. I could eat two bags of those wafers, easy.
    My kids do the same dang thing with their stuff. Doesn't it take just as much time to stash it as it would to actually put it away!?!?

  2. The treats are all natural, so they must be healthy, right? They have some new flavors, expresso and tiramisu, I still like hazelnut the best.

    I'll mention your comment to Pigtails about being efficient by stuffing junk under her bed and will let you know what she says. Right now she's in the dentist chair.

  3. Anonymous3/19/2014

    Holy crap, that is a lot of weight lost in such a short amount of time. I am intrigued because I have embarked recently upon a weight loss campaign. (Small back story - had a baby eight years ago and, as a result, stopped all physical activity. Really. And upped my stress eating. I know how bad this is.) Anyhow, I am struggling because I've always been tiny and never had to consciously think about weight. Well, NOW I DO (trust me) and it's not coming off easily at ALL, despite working really hard and eating reasonably. So frustrating. I celebrate (with a little bit of annoyance) if I drop two pounds in a month. I know each pound equals 3500 calories, so I'm having trouble mathematically wrapping my brain around your 75 minute 6 pound weight loss! Haha, obviously I got side tracked by that one part of your blog post. Yay for PTO and intervention for hoarders and also, maybe most importantly, dark chocolate snacks. (And this is why I have a problem.) ;)

    1. People that study weight loss say cutting calories is more effective for losing weight than exercise. Combine them and do both for the max benefit.

      I personally find it more difficult to watch what I eat than to go out for a run. Bur for the most part I eat fairly healthy. Try these three things for 3 months and come back to let me know if any change.

      1) Drink lots of water, especially when you wake up and with meals.
      2) Track calories you eat for one month. There are several good apps available for free to make it easier to determine how many calories in your meals.
      3). Find an exercise buddy to help with accountability, and aim for three or four workouts per week.

      Hang in there, it's never too late to get fit!

    2. Part II:

      Weight loss during an extended workout is the result of lots if things going on in your body during the burn. Temp fluid loss, bowel flush, burning off breakfast, as well as long term benefits, like amped up metabolism and burning off the "bad" fluids like retained water in the joints and ankles or wherever. Some of the weight comes back after a run once you rehydrate and eat, but a small amount of weight is gone for good if you watch the intake.

  4. I just want to agree that running and watching your calorie intake really is a great way to lose weight. I lost over 100 pounds in about 10 months last year by doing just that. I used the myfitnesspal app to track my calories and exercise and feel better today than I ever have. I started running using a couch to 5k app last March and ran several 5k's. Last October I was able to run a half marathon and haven't stopped running (have another half coming up this weekend).

    Now I've decided to try my hand at triathlons and plan on competing in the Hyvee triathlon this summer in Des Moines and then probably a full marathon in January.

    Your blog is great and reading it has definitely help keep me motivated to continue my fitness journey. Keep up the great work.

  5. 100 lbs is tough, nice job at staying on it.

    We usually head over to Gray's Lake to watch the Hy-Vee tri. It's a well organized event and I think you'll like it. Which half marathon is on deck this weekend?

  6. Just a small local one in Sedalia, MO (I live in Jefferson City, MO). Should only be about 150-200 people but couldn't pass it up because the entry fee was only $20. Supposed to be nice and flat so hopefully I'll turn in a good time.

    1. $20 I wish, half M entry around Des Moines is pushing $70, Even 5ks are $35. Was hoping to run a 5k with daughter this spring, but $70 for both of us is silly.

      Taper this week and good luck!

    2. It's amazing what you have to pay for a race nowadays right? That's why I couldn't pass this one up, race day registration is even only $30. I'll check back in after the race and let you know how it went.

  7. Can I rent Curls to come and help my boys de-junk as well?

    We're in holiday MONTH in South Africa: long weekend now (Human Rights Day), a week after we have a shortened April holiday of one week (autumn break) and ten days after we have Easter weekend and hold your breath...near the end of the month we have another full week due to Freedom Day and Worker's Day being so close and on awkward days, they just gave us the whole week.
    You can imagine what it does to the economy.
    Our (first) April break will be spent at...Ironman :-) :-) 2 weeks and a bit to go!

    1. Curls likes to organize, daughter and I not so much. But I don't mind scrubbing floors and toilets and Curls is the opposite go figure.

      A month of vacation, was about to call you lazy butt but then you said Ironman. Tell him good luck!

  8. I am a couch to Grandmas half marathon trainee. More on the couch side of things now, but getting there. I can run 3 miles, but don't enjoy it. When does that happen!?!?!? Did I miss the opportunity for you to train someone??

    1. Plenty of time until your Duluth half, no worries. Still cold here and snow today but 70 by Sunday. Makes it so much easier to get outside for a run when the sky is blue and air is crisp. Sounds like you are already on your way, you don't need my prodding!


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