Apr 7, 2014

New Ears and Other Stuff

Now With Improved Hearing
Last year, I encouraged readers to help Quincy raise money for upgrading his hearing processors.  He was born deaf, but hears pretty well now with cochlear implants.

After several months of fundraising, his mom received enough moola to replace one processor.  Quincy was able to get a new device last September, old processor on the left, new on the right:

He said the new one "doesn't sound fuzzy like the old one."

A couple Sundays ago, we head over to pick up Quincy.  His mom asked if we noticed anything new.  She started to cry happy tears...Q smiled and showed us his new processor on the left side!  So now both ears are upgraded, his hearing is no longer fuzzy and the new devices stay on better when we shoot hoops.  FYI, the little dude's skilled at bball and rattles out Kevin Durant stats faster than a fat guy ordering a 6-pack and a pound on Taco Tuesday.  

I told Quincy now he can't use the excuse that he didn't hear his mom when she asks him to clean his room.

Thanks everyone who chipped in to help out.  He and his mom really appreciate it!

Curls is in Pune, India on a work assignment.  A 10,000 mile flight and 10.5 hour time shift, she's having a blast. Coworkers there are showing her the city, she pings me pics of castles, pashmina and chicken vindaloo.

I'm jealous.

We Facetime at opposite ends of the clock.  She keeps going on about how friendly the people are there, wonderful to really get to know her team face-to-face and see how they live and work.  Nothing improves the global worldview, relationships and ability to get stuff done across borders than breaking bread together and working beside each other for a short time.

Sounds like she nearly sharted her skirt on that first commute to work on Monday.  The driving is a little "spirited" there.

Hope I can go back sometime.

Sometimes daughter wakes up at night sobbing for her mom.
She asks me how we know for sure she's in heaven.
She whispered:  Mom finally has what she always wanted: a new healthy body so she can dance and run.
Her mom was born with sacral agenesis and bound to a wheelchair, then cancer.

Her mom's sister, Aunt Angie, has been great.  Called Pigtails tonight to chat and invited her out to the Carolinas this summer to visit.  Daughter also spends an occasional weekend with her mom's parents out on the farm, and a weekly talk with the school counselor helps her stay balanced.

The 5th grade soccer and track spring season commenced last week.  First track meet is Friday, she wants to run the medley, 800 and 1500.  Tried talking her into the shot put, she rolled her eyes and asked how many laps in the 1500. Told her 4 laps and asked if she can run that far without stopping.  She shrugged and said "I don't know, but I'll try."

Thatta girl.

Pigtails is a monkey and has been on a banana and peanut butter snack attack lately.  Asked if she likes to dip or spread the butter, she said, "Well, I know you won't let me eat plain peanut butter on a spoon.  So I eat the banana first, then the peanut butter by itself."




  1. Ha. Love the last bit.

  2. When my mom died, that first anniversary approaching nearly took my breath away, day in and day out. I felt crazy with thoughts vacillating from, "I cannot believe it has already been 1 month, 6 months, 10 months" etc. to "It is almost 11 months, a year....nobody knows how badly this still hurts. I should be doing better. The world keeps turning, but I need it to stop just every now and then!" Sometimes, I felt so horrible for doing so well and for not thinking about her until noon or dinnertime.

    A cousin, who lost her brother decades earlier, spoke so often of her brother to her children that they couldn't remember if he was the one who was alive or the one who was dead. She told me to talk about my mom every day...just a mention here and there... "mom would have laughed at that!" "Mom loved that song", etc. I did that and the subject was not so taboo and it put others at ease - friends and neighbors who didn't know if they could or should mention my mom.

    The anticipation of that first anniversary was worse than the actual day. Though we have no Latino blood, we copied something from their culture. On the anniversary, my siblings all got together, we had a Mass said, and had water balloon fights, pinatas for the grandkids and laughed, cried and watched home movies/looked at albums all day. We ate great food and ate crappy-great food...lots of ice cream and desserts. It was a great and special day.

    I will pray as the anniversary approaches. I was married and 27 when my mom died. I cannot imagine how much harder it would be to process as a young girl your daughters' age.

    1. It's been good for Pigtails to spend time with her mom's family. They have been great, and daughter talks of her mom often as if she's still alive. I like your celebration on the anniversary, will talk to the kid about it and see what she thinks. Blessings!

  3. Peanut butter/banana sandwiches are my current favorite lunch. You have a smart daughter.

    1. We grew up on PB & banana sandwiches. When I mention it to people now days, sometimes they wrinkle their nose and say they've never heard of that combo. Also beans and franks, the good ole days.


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