May 4, 2014


Blew a calf on a 15 mile training run a few weeks ago, so have been taking it easy and resting it back to health.  I'm 37 and the fitness goes down the toilet quickly at this age.  I remember in my 20s when I'd have a sore leg or the start of an injury.  The fix was to simply go to bed, the next morning I'd wake up and my body was back to 100%.

As you age, it's use it or lose it.  Injury comes more easily, and so does body fat.  Here's a pic from a few months ago packing for the Boundary Waters trip:

And this was 10 minutes ago, after skipping runs for three weeks and polishing off a second helping of mint chocolate chip ice cream:

Since running doesn't feel good on the leg, I'm going to try a free one-week trial of CrossFit.  People that partake go nuts over the program, so I'd like to see what it's all about.  Sounds like a bunch of pull-ups, flopping tractor tires around and losing the ability to bend over and tie my shoes from the soreness that will follow.  I'm in the Box tomorrow at 6:30 pm for my first session, will report back soon on how it goes.



  1. Aaaaaarggggh you scared me!

    Crossfit has hit SA as well. I do a toned-down version (much lower frequency but equally high intensity , I think) at pole conditioning class. Yeah...try hanging off the high for 20 secs, and again, and again...x6...on you go!

    1. Wasn't sure what you meant by pole conditioning. Now I think I know.

      Class hasn't been too bad, we warm up with 25 pull-ups and bear walks, then get after power cleans and handstand push-ups. A lot to learn on technique and balance, it's keeping my interest so far!

      First session was with a class of 60 year old women. Next evening I joined the younger group, the girls in there are ripped.


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