May 4, 2014


I didn't realize birds work together to build their nest.  Always figured mom bird did the heavy lifting.

Last spring, I suctioned a GoPro to my soffit to capture a robin weaving her house of sticks, then planting a pair of blue eggs and hatching her chicks:

Fast forward to this spring, the rhododendrons blew up out front, which kicks off the nest building season.

Today, we noticed a dad and mom cardinal working together to build a nest in the hedge outside our window.  They take turns flying in strands of sticks and weeds, tag-teaming to weave and shape the brush into a bowl.  I didn't realize bird couples pair up on this.  God is good.

We also discovered a pair of sparrows setting up shop in our mailbox.  I fought them off for a week, removing the start of their nest from the box.  But they'd soon helicopter in more supplies when I was away at work.  I stuffed a magazine in there to try and thwart them.  The birds flipped me a wing and simply shredded my Car and Driver into kindling.

I finally gave up, left a note for the mailman to please not use the mailbox, and asked him to drop my junk in the front door.  Defeated by a pair of 1 oz. sparrows.



  1. Sweet! I was chased into submission by two plovers once, never knew they got get so aggressive.

    1. Ha, at first I read that as lovers, not plovers.

  2. I didn't know that either. How cool to watch them build it!

  3. I didn't know that about birds, either! Something awesome about the care they put into their nests for sure. And speaking of fighting off birds, you may be humored by the story of the ospreys who refused to be turned away from the Bay Bridge in Annapolis. Let's just say the state built them a platform for a nest and now one of the bridge's traffic cams is also an osprey cam. The ospreys? #winning :)

    1. Ospreys are some big boys, them raptor talons.

      There's a live feed eagle cam in Decorah, fun to watch the eaglets hatch and mom flying in fish for them:


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