Mar 23, 2014

Stock Buy Break it Down - 7, Pigtails' First Shares

I'd like to set aside some money for my daughter.

One option is to chuck a check into a savings account and earn less than 1% per year.  This option is safe, but doesn't keep pace with inflation.  I've written about why it's risky to be too "safe."

Another option is to buy stocks.  This one has no guarantee we'll make a profit, and we could lose a lot if shares tank. I'm confident if we do the research, hold for the long term and tolerate fluctuations, we'll come out okay in the end.

Doing is the best teacher, so figured I'd let my daughter ride the stock market coaster rather than simply telling her about investing.  The criteria are simple:

-We'll invest $1,000
-Diversify by investing in two or three companies
-Invest in both stable and emerging companies
-Pigtails can pick the stocks, but we'll discuss options and agree on good choices together

Mar 19, 2014

Spring Break - Hoarder Discovered and Losing 6 Pounds in 75 Minutes

Pigtails and I usually head north to a waterpark in Wisconsin for spring break.  This year, I took four days of PTO over break to do diddly squat.  Slept in late.  Ate two sacks of Quadratini wafers.

Mar 15, 2014

A Boundary Waters Adventure - 2, Leaving Land and Dog's Wearing a Vest

Tim often takes his pup, Bailey, with him kayaking and canoeing back in Baltimore.  Dog smiled and his tail blurred when we clipped on his life vest and threw packs in our canoes.

Our packs were 60 pounds each, filled with 8 days of tents, tree saws, underpants and Nalgenes.

Tim smuggled 9 pounds of raw bacon.  I was curious how it'd hold up to a week with no refrigeration.

Ken carabiner-clipped a GPS satellite beacon to his boat.  Apparently you press the button in case of emergency and a helicopter come saves you.  I think it was more likely a piece of plastic with a blinky light inside and nothing happens when you press the help button.  Hopefully, we wouldn't need to find out.

Mar 9, 2014

A Boundary Waters Adventure - 1, Bacon Cheeseburgers and Kevlar Canoes

How It Began
This brutal winter makes me do a flashback to last August and the blue skies of the Boundary Waters. Departing from the upper tip of Minnesota, we chucked tents, dried beans and 8 days of provisions into three canoes, paddling 16 miles north towards Canada.

We dropped cell phone towers and civilization for this.

It all started when I bought that $149 plastic Menards kayak made from recycled Tide bottles, paddled the Beaver and mentioned in a post, "wish I could do the Boundary Waters."

Three days later, co-worker Chris asked, "do you want to canoe the Boundary Waters with some friends?"

Yep I said, and it was done.