Jun 14, 2014

A Boundary Waters Adventure - 5, Gränsfors Bruks and Basswood Falls

Not all water flows south.  We settled north of the Laurentian Continental Divide, where glacial lakes drain upward towards Hudson Bay into the Arctic Ocean.

Base camp was purty, our tents staked atop a cold slab of granite overlooking Basswood Lake.  The humps across the drink are Canadian.

Slobs, all of us.  Water bottles and a rogue pair of wet underpants drying in the sun.  This is what happens with a sausage fest and no girls around to scold.

San Fran

Not enough in Diego to keep us out of trouble for 10 days, so we reverted to San Francisco for summer holiday.  We'll drive this trifecta loop in a Ford Focus rental:

1)  Francisco and Silicon Valley
2)  Cabin and hike @Yosemite 
3)  Lake Tahoe