Sep 28, 2014

DSM to Fran

We visited California this summer, chunking it into a three course of San Francisco, Yosemite and wine country.  Flight was Frontier, a no frills bird with a quick 30 minute stop in Denver.  Peanuts cost extra, naps and drool are free.

Sep 11, 2014

Dueling Thunder Closets

Okay, I get it, nobody likes my idea of combining two small bathrooms into one.  Loss of privacy and pooping people on dueling side-by-side toilets are top concerns.  Resale value drop, too.

Let us talk privacy.

In a bathroom, there are three sketchy zones where you don't want other humans seeing your junk:  toilet, shower and tub.

The two toilets would be completely private, drywall between them, fans to vent that nasty fecal air.  Standing by the sink, you'd see doors.  Sitting on the throne, you'd see walls, door and Car and Driver:

Sep 10, 2014

Blowing Toilets

Waiting for a gray rug to boat in from India, then Pigtails' room is a wrap.

Updated her walls from meconium orange to light lavender.
Removed poorly designed wooden closet compartments and replaced with movable wire racks.
Ripped the carpet and whitewashed the creaky oak floor, added a dresser, mirror and nightstand.
The dresser was Curls' idea, if up to me we'd shove all that crap in the closet.