Jan 2, 2015

Francisco Tea Garden

Back story on the San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden:

This five acre Asian oasis was originally built for the 1895 World's Fair.  Crouching within the 1,000 acre Golden Gate Park, it is because Japanese immigrant and gardener Makoto Hagiwara made it so.

After the World Fair ended, Makoto (Japanese for Kevin) convinced upper management to solidify it into a permanent park.  He switched on beast mode, air lifting in 1,000 cherry trees, koi carp and flying fowl from Japan.  His family lived in and pruned the tea garden until 1942, training the garden to beauty and making sure the fish didn't misbehave.

Then things got jacked, he was imprisoned in 1942 with WWII.
The garden went to pot.
It probably looked a lot like my crabgrass infested lawn.

Time passed, the war ended.  By '52, the garden was restored, fortune cookies were introduced to the U.S. for the first time via the Tea Garden, and life was good.

We topped up hot cups of lattes to offset the smokey sky and 50 degree bite in the air.  Why did I wear shorts and T, and free entry on weekdays before 10 am.  

In the early hours, we had the park alone.  No traffic sounds or humans to mess the tranquility.

paces outside the tea was the Rose Garden.  Sucked in pedal scents as we pushed towards the bus stop for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bridge crossing and boozed up older adults on bikes next post.



  1. Anonymous1/03/2015

    "A soulful girl with big brown eyes."

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    waiting for the annual Go Pro snow day minivan doughnut cam post...


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