Jan 2, 2015

Golden Gate Bee Sting and Drunk Hoary Heads on Huffys

After the Tea Garden, we boarded the bus towards the bridge.

Why did it smell like urine and chocolate in the diesel pusher? 

Tried not to ponder too much, just hold your breath for 10 minutes.  Hover over the seat and go to your happy place.

Laid down some moves to make both Curls and daughter facepalm, then commenced the 2-mile out and back on the bridge.

The Golden Gate was hot riveted in the early 1930s, smack in the heat of The Depression and cheap labor.  A cross-section of cable was sliced on display.  Those fat piped cables burdened down by the roadway are 3 feet in diameter, pregnant with 27,000 strands of steel wires.

Pretty girls.  I am a lucky man.

Approximately 12 feet into the bridge crossing, Pigtails was waving her hand around and bawling. 
I assumed a pterodactyl swooped down and bit off her arm based on the commotion.
Apparently, a tiny rude Californian sweat bee stung her thumb meat.

I kissed it and gently told her to kindly SUCK IT UP AND ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.

Kissing of boo boos to make it all better stopped working 8 years ago.

The pedestrian walkway across the bridge is narrow, a mix of walkers and lightly drunk older people on Huffys.  Windy, chilly and my nipple headlights were on through the tee shirt.

Imagine one of those National Geo Antarctica scenes with the thousands of penguins.  Now picture a few hundred of those penguins have gray hair, riding rented bicycles swerving around all crazy like, trying to smash your achilles with their front wheel.  Not sure if they were uncoordinated, wasted on booze or had never ridden a bicycle without training wheels.

At the other end of the bridge was a parking lot chock full of people sleeping in the birthing position.

The view back was even better, because you could see a downtown pano.

Me hungry, do they even do fatty Angus burgers in San Fran?

Next up is Chinatown and mystery steamed pots of dim sum.



  1. Chinatown is so kitschy and fascinating--even while it's a real neighborhood crammed with real neighbors. Looks like a good time was had (we forgot to tell you it's almost always ch-ch-chilly in the Bagdad by the Bay!)

  2. I feel as if not just the pedestrian walkway but everything near the bridge is narrow. These lightly drunk people always scare me, as any moment they can be behind a wheel and putting their and others lives in danger. A DUI case might result in several difficulties for them. My cousin works with a DUI lawyer and often tells how DUI can destroy people’s life completely.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!